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No building, fence, or other structure shall be erected, placed, or altered on any lot until
the construction plans or the plans for modification of any existing structure, a plan
showing the exact location of the proposed structure, and a time for completion of the
work have been fully approved by the architectural control committee.

Need more info ? See part E: Declarations
Need design ideas ? See : Northwest Modern Styles

IMage Norwood Block Map

Architectural Control Committee

BlockACC Block Representative (Term)
ALisa Rutledge (Jan 2018)
BGraeme Heys (Jan 2018)
CJim Polus (Jan 2018)
DEric Schaer (Jan 2017)
FAstrid Zuppinger (Jan 2017)
GBill Kearns (Jan 2017)
1Scott Heartfield (Jan 2018)
2Bob Weiss (Chair - Jan 2017)
3Dennis Hummel (Jan 2018)
4Campie Ellis (Jan 2017)