123rd Ave Sidewalk Project

March 4 123rd Ave Project Slide Updates –>  March 4 2015 123rd Ave Sidewalk update slides


Meeting topics: Proposed date/location = July 30th Woodridge Elementary (stay tuned for updates)

Sidewalk Project
o Scope: Construct a sidewalk on the east side of 123rd Ave SE from SE 26th St to SE 20th Pl connecting the existing sidewalk in the south to the sidewalk that connects with Woodridge Elementary. Additionally, a spur to the Norwood Swim Club is included in the scope of this project.
o Current status: pre-design
o Expected construction: Spring 2015
o Information presented to community: geographic extent of the sidewalk; how and why the sidewalk was selected; that the sidewalk project’s funding and selection process is separate from the traffic safety project; explaining engineering and design decisions related to the project (e.g. wall-building, moving existing light poles, working within the right-of-way); explaining how the Neighborhood Sidewalk Program is administered (both the program administrator and the project designer will be on-hand).
o Input needed from community: As always, comments are always welcome from the community. However, based on earlier feedback from residents regarding parking bays and the nature of the Neighborhood Sidewalk Program (http://www.ci.bellevue.wa.us/neighborhood-sidewalk-plan.htm), the geographic extent (length and side of the street of the sidewalk) has already been determined.

Traffic Safety Project is full speed ahead
o Scope: Work with neighborhood residents to develop a traffic improvement project that will recommend the implementation of traffic safety measures (e.g. speed humps, curb extensions, striping) intended to reduce vehicle speeds along 123rd Ave SE from SE 26th St to SE 20thPl. This element of the project will incorporate both measures on the aforementioned linear corridor while also examining the 123rd Ave SE/123rd Pl SE intersection for some treatment. Basically, anything from SE 20th Pl to SE 26th St that is intended to reduce vehicle speeds is part of the this scope.
o Current status: Public outreach; conceptual design
o Expected construction: Spring 2015
o Information presented to community: explain the existing conditions of the 123rd Ave SE corridor and project need; communicate feedback we’ve received thus far (especially the adjacent property survey that asked residents to respond with their level of support for speed humps); pros/cons associated with various physical measures; information about the committee and associated expectations.
o Input needed from community: Signing residents up for the traffic committee who will meet with city staff a handful of times (and communicate online and via email) to develop a traffic improvement project. Committee members will be expected to talk with their neighbors to answer project details and encourage participation in project surveys/ballots; informally, solicit ideas for how residents would like to reduce speeds.

o The city’s Overlay Program is expected to repave parts of Woodridge streets (on 121st Ave SE from SE 8th then along 123rd Ave SE before turning onto SE 20th Pl and 128th Ave SE), most likely next year. Information about this project will also be shared. Part of this project includes realigning the intersection at 123rd Ave SE and SE 20th Pl.