Bylaws & Declarations


The Declaration of Restrictions is recorded with King County and is a part of the deed of every property within Lower and Upper (also known as Division Number 2) Norwood Village. This document was the means used by the founders of the village to determine what the village would be like--i.e., a pleasant residential neighborhood. To accomplish this, the Declaration outlines what can and cannot be done with property in the village and establishes the authority of the village corporation to administer its provisions.

By purchasing property in the village, everyone who owns property in Norwood agrees to follow these provisions. Though it has never been necessary to do so (and we sincerely hope this will always be the case), the provisions of the Declaration are legally enforceable. (Last revised 01/1990)


The By-Laws govern the day-to-day activities of the village corporation. The authority for establishing by-laws is found in the Articles of Incorporation and in the Declaration of Restrictions. (Last revised 01/2009)

Image by Sear Greyson